About Us

American Form Corporation is a company founded on pride. We started small in 1962, and we have grown our business and relations with our customers. We are here to stay, and treat every customer as we treated our first customer. American Form Corp. has grown to be the largest foundation builder in Rhode Island.

Our work crews are experienced tradesmen, skilled in the craft of form settings and finishing foundations. American Form Corporation is a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association, assuring a quality finished product for you to build upon.

American Form Corporation has an expansive inventory of forms, on the road and in our yard. We are ready to perform any project that we are invited to bid upon. From heights of 4 feet to 10 feet are on hand with different degree corners including 6 inch to 3 foot radius corners and 30 – 45 degree angles.

We do more than Residential and Commercial Foundations… Ask about retaining walls, sea walls, septic system retaining walls, swimming pool foundations, flatwork, stamped concrete, and more. If it’s concrete, it’s American Form Corporation.

If It's Concrete its American Form